Do you want to boost learner engagement? the impact of your teaching? social facilitation with AI

Do you want to boost the impact of your courses ?

Bridge the gap between course and everyday life
– Make a difference with minders!​

The social learning platform that makes learning stick!

Have you ever felt like all the knowledge you have carefully crafted is never put into practice in real life?

Do you develop or deliver courses or development programs?

Give your course or workshop a new dimension with our software. Our software enables you to engage users in every content bite easily.

Bridge the gap between course and everyday life

Use Minders to support your course content and discover how to effectively create learning moments before, during, and after courses to enhance the learning outcome.

Illustration showing a workshop facilitator with participants both online and in the same psysical space

When people and technology complement each other.

Save time by allowing Minders to guide and engage learners in your absence. Our app is built on the idea that learners thrive when actively applying new knowledge to their daily lives, turning it into practical skills—an approach akin to real-life performance support

With our app, learners can engage in conversations with peers or relevant stakeholders and revisit course content beyond the confines of the classroom. This approach simplifies practicing and implementing newfound skills seamlessly into everyday life.

How you ask?

Make it Social

Facilitate social interaction within your course with the buddy feature. Match learners and engage them in ongoing conversations around your course content.

Make it Personal

Give learners a more tailored learning experience by focusing on motivations and gaining insights into their key behavioral traits through the Flair profile.

Make it Impactful

An NPS score is not enough! We highlight each social interaction, personal reflections, and progress towards goals. You get quantitative insight on the impact of training activities.

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Create insights and personal development through Flair – simple and engaging.

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The platform that engages your participants and makes learning stick.

How others use minders

360 Indicator

Giving people the tools to grow in the direction of teams or leaders.


Helping youth in therapy engaging and learning in between sessions.

Active Citizenship

Connecting students all over the world in online education.

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